Our Mission

To expose students to innovative and creative thinking that promotes challenging their current skills.

What would you create if only your creativity mattered?


TakeSI is a project, by Saluki Entrepreneur Corps that hosts a 2 day film competition at Southern Illinois Univesity Carbondale. Groups of up to four will use their smartphones to create the films. From March 4-5, 2017 TakeSI will host its film competition. All are welcome to participate. Participants will be allowed to film in various location across the SIU Campus, Murphysboro, Marion, and surrounding areas.


From inexperienced to experienced filmmakers, TakeSI gives everyone an opportunity to learn and become a better filmmaker. Everyone is on a level playing field with the smartphones; however, what you do with it is what counts. Whether it is making DIY equipment or being clever in your composition and lighting techniques to create the illusion of a different world. Besides that, video productions skills have become more important in any industry.


Your goal is to be innovative and make an awesome and entertaining film. Participants spend 2 days creating a short film, bringing any concept or any story they have to fruition. There are no limitations holding them back besides their own creativity and what they can make with what they have.


What can you win?

The team with the best short film will win up to $1000 in prizes! Our panel of experienced filmmakers will be judging submissions.


Need inspiration?

Ben Von Wong is a young and very talented photographer who makes epic photo shoots possible by bringing together the most passionate people for the project. He never was deterred by an idea because it was too difficult to do or because there wasn’t enough budget to make it happen. Just by finding motivated people who also support his ideas, he has taken some of the most awe-inspiring photos. Check out some of his work here.

How to Really Create Something Epic:

Just because you or your friends may not have money to invest in the best equipment possible or you don’t have the most skilled members working with you on a project doesn’t mean you can’t make something epic. With the right mindset, just finding motivated and passionate people can make any crazy idea a reality.


DigitalRev TV, who makes camera reviews on YouTube, started the Pro Photographer, Cheap Camera Challenge back in 2011 where they invite a professional photographer and give them a cheap camera for them to take photos with. Although some cameras limit these photographers to the extreme, this challenge highlights what makes an epic picture or film: creativity. With a keen eye for artistic beauty in the world, you don’t need high-end cameras to capture an epic moment.

Lara Jade’s Super Cheap Camera Challenge


At 18:49, Lara explains what should be true for all photographers and filmmakers. Taking a great image or making a great film doesn’t rely on the camera you use, but what you do with the camera to get that great shot. With that said, higher-end cameras do provide extra functionality that some lower-end cameras don’t provide, which is why sometimes you are able to get a better shot with a better camera. However, everyone should learn how to be creative before they invest in high-end gear.


The person behind the camera is the one who can take a great shot; the camera is only the medium in which you can capture it.